Latest Event:   Rukundo Egumeho 12th Edition, December 2nd , 2023
Welcome to Bakiga Nation

Our Story

Bakiga Nation is a non-profit organisation in Uganda and registered limited by guarantee in 2016 that was created to preserve and promote cultural values of the Kiga tribe.

This was inspired after the realisation that many of the millennials and elders were not familiar with their cultural norms, practices and languages.

We, therefore, strive to preserve the culture of the Kiga tribe through celebration of the Kiga cultural diversity while encouraging togetherness and increasing corporate social responsibility of people that hail from the Banyakigezicommunity in Uganda.


We also aim to pass down the knowledge of our rich cultural heritage to the younger generation because our land is known both locally and internationally for its breathtaking scenery, the hospitality of our people and of course the dance. The Bakiga are believed to still practice almost 80% of their many ancient traditions.

Lets Up lift the hands of the needy

Bakiga Nation also prides in creating a charitable community where people appreciate the value of giving back to the less privileged communities in Kigezi in the areas of education, social wellbeing and agriculture. We basically mobilize support from well-wishers, corporate organizations and individual philanthropists to support people and communities that are less privileged in these areas.